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'actualy one of the best dynos on the market
preferred by the italian manufacturers and not only
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'Posted 21 September 2012 - 07:33
I would suspect the difference in figures is largely down to different dynos along with the varying conditions (temps etc). As far as I'm concerned, Shark's Bapro dyno is very accurate. I personally have two dyno prints for my car and always quote the figures from Shark, despite the other printout reading +14bhp. As others have said, its how the car drives that matters; figures are just an indication on a given dyno on a given day.

As for contacting Shark Perfromance, I'd always call them- they're understandably busy people. 



Re: BaPro BPA-4R

Postby bobby8 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:56 am
Very very good dyno, very reliable & :D 
no mechanical link to synchronize front & rear axle (with all the problems related to that, uncertainity, reproducebility, inaccuracy, distorsion between front & rear power, broken belt, ....) but electronic sync which is 50x faster than any ESP, differential or any 4X4 transmission stuff.
No prob with Porsche 4X4, magic box to use with 2x4 ;)

'We have a 4WD Rolling Road at MoreBHP HQ in Crewe which is used to design, develop and test our ever increasing range of remaps. It also allows us to make the best Custom Remaps available.
The Bapro BPA-4R Rolling Road  was chosen due to it's high levels of accuracy and it's ability to measure power/torque and actual losses, which gives an accurate reading at both the wheels and the flywheel.
The Bapro BPA-4R can accurately measure up to 1200bhp at speeds of up to 220mph.
The Rolling Road has a built in weather station so all parameters are measured, this removes any ability to sway or influence the results. This means results are repeatable and true.
Before this 4WD dyno we used a Bosch 2WD unit, this proved to us the need for a rolling road as with using this for many years we discovered that it is impossible to develop remaps without this testing. It is because of this that we felt the need to invest heavily in the BPA-4R so we could test almost every vehicle that came here to MoreBHP HQ.'


Re: SuperFlow

Postby bobby8 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:54 am
Samy wrote:We got now over 3000 dynoruns on the dyno and still no problems. Also i got some new toughts about dynos after many brand new cars and cars wich where messured by gouvernment or the car company itself to proove hp the superflow works realy realy accurat ! I had 0,X HP difference on our superflow to the gouvernment and car manufacturers dynos they use for make certifications. Thats realy good. Also new cars are nearly always only 2-4 HP away from what the manufacturer says they should have ! Some cars have different numbers because they just dont have what the dealer claim i often see lower hp ratings on the VAG 4.2 V8 , VAG 5,2 V10 , VAG 3.2 VR6 they just dont have the power. Also on several Ferrari and Porsche N/A cars. 
Another thing i often saw is that the superflow messures much more realistic than other dynos f.e. i test messured a BMW 1M wich should have 340 HP from what BMW claim. On superflow i messures 342 HP on the same car and same date the car visits a Dynojet awd and messured 365 HP wich is a bit much optimistic. I send several others cars for vaildate the hp and it shows always more on the dynojet. Maybe the dynojet was tweaked off so that it shows more and it is not a problem on the messuring of the dynojet itself that i cant say.

Yep Dynojet is always selling HP !!! :lol: 
it's their specialty, like dyno for bikes, you always have much more HP on a Dynojet than other dyno ..... 
BAPRO dyno are also very very accurate


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