Could a dyno test chassis dynamometer measure power on wheels?

No! A dyno test chassis dynamometer is not able to measure the real power on wheel,  it is physically impossible with this kind of instrument. 

Dyno test chassis that are not able to measure the shaft power and supply the power on wheel obtains only extremely inaccurate datas; obtained without properly considering test conditions variation. As for example think that it is sufficient to drow a different anchorage belts vehicle, a different pressure of the tires, or different temperature between a test and another for significantly alter the power to the wheel. The only power to refer to have precise data with which to make comparisons is the motor shaft power. Bapro has obtained many recognizes by its prestigious customers in terms of absolute accuracy in measuring the shaft power through comparisons mades with the engine test benches also in climatic controlled cells. This experience has been grown in the last 10 years developing specific chassis dynamometers to equip different huge automotive brands and theyr Research and Development departments like Ducati, Magneti Marelli, Bimota, Harley Davidson Italia, Magneti Marelli, Dayco international, FCA group
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