IS Bapro chassis dynamometer like an inertial dyno test?

No!! Inertial dynos are an old concept equipment, today these products are useless and overtaken. They cannot measure power and torque but gives an approximate calculation of those values always different from one test to the others

Bapro produces only braked dyno test chassis dynamometer (not inertials!), where every particular is designed to take the advantages of this type of technology. Braked dynos are able to effectively measure the power on the load cell, in this way they can give you extremely precise and repeatable values. The power is measured during a controlled acceleration that reproduces the real behavior of the vehicle on the road adapting itself to the performances of the vehicle. In this way the engine works in the same way it does on the road and the values of shaft power given by the dyno is precise and reliable. Moreover the eddy current brake and its extremely evolved control electronic allows to perform a wide range of tests useful for diagnostic, tuning and Motorsport: road simulation, constant rpm test, engine tuning test are only few examples.
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