Is BAPRO chassis dynamometer like an inertial dyno transformed in braked?

NO !! An inertial dyno transformed in braked is actually an inertial dyno to whom a brake and a control electronic are added. This type of dynos born with the concept of inertial dyno with all their limits that makes impossible to do an efficient transformation in braked dynos. This is the case of all the dynos available on the market in both version: inertial and braked. Bapro dyno tests chassis dynamometers are only available in braked version with eddy current brake. Between the limits of inertial dyno transformed in braked there is for example the huge roller weight which is strictly needed for inertial dynos in order to have the inertial weight to accelerate, but in the braked dynos the weight of the rollers must be reduced to the minimum in order to achieve the maximum precision and repeatability. This is why Bapro rollers are light and empty: the inertial weight is minimum and the power curve measured perfectly follows the engine behavior. 
Bapro, get precise engine calibration management!

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