Why BAPRO motorbike chassis dyno has 2 knurdled rollers?


Bringing our concept of dyno test bench even to the motorcycle sector is clearly as to measure and break certain powers is necessary to larger contact surface possible. In this sense, the surface offered by a single roller is not sufficient if we have to do with very heavy motor or with very high torque (ex. Harley, Ducati and twin in general). The Bapro dyno test chassis dynamometer exists in both single roller (BPM-1R) and bi-rollers version (BPM-2R) and also in this case the modular design allows people to buy initially the first version is particularly suitable for those who works mainly on scooter or motorcycle with medium low power and can then add the second roller when the customer expands to bike more performance or competition. Thanks to lightened rollers, version bi-rollers has all the advantages of extremely high grip (which you can not get on any other dyno test bench!) That allows you to have no limits of maximum power but also to test the accuracy of the lesser powers (as small electric scooters).
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